Friday, August 19, 2011

Persaraan&Perlantikan Pengawas 2011-2012 ♥


Today was a big day for all prefects sesi pagi
Persaraan&Perlantikan Pengawas 2011-2012

All AJK Tingkatan 4 went school early in the morning
for decorating the assembly hall
And unfortunately my skirt and uniform was painted by the colour..
It's all right...

About 7.30am,
all pengawas queue up at the tapak perhimpunan.
And the ceremony started with our Ketua Pengawas' speech

Meng Joe&Sook Fen

We'll alwasys remember u guys
Our good, best Ketua..forever..

My Ketua-Swea Yan
Like her so much..
and just ignore my round face then..

A Nien..
Remember to miss us when u have immigrated to Australia
 cause we'll miss u deeply...♥

Bacaan Ikrar Pengawas

Just a few photo for this post
cause the other photos will be kept in private for others use...

 We have used to rely on Form 5 prefects..
From today,
we need to be more independent although i know this is quite hard for us


Miss u all so much ♥



Gwen said...

xuan you look like a librarian in the last photo XD

xuanz said...

Haha...really.??i gt tat potential..xDD